Nicki Lister

I have been interested in photography for many years. I have delved into fine art, textiles, printmaking and graphic design - my passion for photography has grown from this.

A lot of my work is quite abstract. I am interested in the exciting colours, textures, shapes and forms that can be seen all around us every day - we really don't have to travel far. Digital photography has given me the means to visually express the beauty I see "in close up" on street edges, in waste lands, woodlands and coastlines.

I am fascinated by contrasts of form, texture and colour that can be found between man-made objects and the natural environment in which they become displaced, most evidently on our coastlines, where plastic debris is collected and deposited by the tides. Discarded toys, packaging and bottles litter many of our beaches. I am lured by the visual energies of the brightly-coloured silky, scored surfaces of these synthetic materials in contrast to the coarse textures of the rocks. I am interested in the fact that these objects, once used for their intended purpose, are forgotten about in an instant, though they will endure for generations.

More recently I have been working on photo montages - both digitally and by physical juxtaposition of the printed photographs, as inspired by David Hockney. Themes have been based around the local area, still life and classic cars, another huge love of mine.